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The Story of Korina and Her Twins

When Korina first came to the ABC Women’s Health and Ultrasound Center she was scared. Her hand was shaking as she filled out the paperwork and when they called her back into the room to get her ultrasound she became more fearful.

“Angela actually came and held my hand,” said Korina. “It made me feel very secure and that probably was one of the best moments I had.” When Korina looked at the monitor for the first time and saw one of her babies her eyes started tearing.

Korina is now a very busy person working as a stay-at-home mom with twin 15-month old boys.  With the help of the ABC Women’s Health and Ultrasound Center she completed her GED and is looking forward to raising her family. “I see my future with other children,” she said. “I love them. I love having children in general.”

Korina had just moved from Virginia to Tennessee and she knew something was not quit right. She had missed some periods and was feeling nauseous. She took a home pregnancy test and it was positive.  On a trip to visit family and friends back in her hometown in Virginia she needed some help. “I was kind of sure I was pregnant but I wasn’t completely sure so I looked online for a place to have an ultrasound. The people at ABC Women’s Health and Ultrasound Center seemed like the best people to go to.”

Finding herself in a difficult situation Korina considered having an abortion but soon made up her mind against it. “Not with this pregnancy, as soon as I found out they were twins I could not do it. Angela and Lee, her mother, and the ultrasound nurse; what they were talking to me about just really convinced me that I just want to keep this baby. And they didn’t tell me directly, ‘don’t get an abortion,’ or anything like that.  They just kind of explained to me from their perspective about their kids, and all that, I felt very comfortable in my decision. It definitely crossed my mind but I could not do it.”

Korina felt unsure and frightened about her future. “When I first found out I was pregnant I was scared because I wasn’t ready to have a baby yet, let alone two. I hadn’t known that I was having twins yet. But I was just really scared but I was also kind of excited at the same time to think there was a baby inside of me, which was kind of exciting, but overall I was just kind of scared and just very unsure about the situation.”

When she began the process with the people at ABC Women’s Health and Ultrasound Center the fear went away. “They made me feel like everything was okay,” Korina said. “They made be feel really blessed about my situation and it made me feel better about myself being so young and being pregnant. They are very supportive.”

At first Korina just wanted the ultrasound. “It was actually the first twin ultrasound that Angela had seen. Angela calls every couple of months to check up on the boys and me. And they helped me out with a computer, helped me get my GED, they gave a gift to the boys at Christmas, they are just really helpful for my family and me. I am very blessed that I have met them and I went and saw them.”

When asked if she would recommend ABC Women’s Health and Ultrasound Centers to another person in her situation Korina said, “Most definitely. They don’t judge you at all.”

Korina is grateful for the help the ABC Women’s Center has given her in the past and has moved on in raising her family. “I mean, I still talk with them and check up with them, or they check up on the boys, but I don’t really need that much help right now, anymore, because they have helped me so much already and I don’t want them to help me too much, you know, like I want them to be able to help other people as well.”

"You saw me before I was born.

Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed."
Psalm 139:16


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