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We operate out of a 35 foot RV, outfitted with a private examination room, ultrasound machine, and counseling area.  We are able to go to the areas of the community most affected by high abortion rates.   The ultrasound image changes hearts and minds along with compassionate counseling and an offer of help.  Since we are mobile and can go to our clients, we help to bring more abortion vulnerable clients into the pregnancy center where they will be given support throughout their pregnancy, and make abortion unwanted and unthinkable.

Concerns:  Many women face an unplanned pregnancy with the questions of:

  • How will I face my family?
  • How will I continue school and/or work?
  • Where will I live?
  • What if I don’t have medical insurance?

A Best Choice Mobile Ultrasound and Pregnancy Resource Center can help you find a solution to these questions, offering material, emotional, and spiritual support, showing the woman that there is a way to continue with school or work, and there are resources available for medical care and finding a place to live.

"You saw me before I was born.

Every day of my life was recorded in your book.
Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed."
Psalm 139:16


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